Grind Line GX20

Grind Line GX20


Designed for mass production:

  • Compact machine design for grinding high precision medium and small workpieces
  • Ideal accessibility for set up
  • Maintenance friendly design of pneumatic, hydraulic and coolant units
  • Fixation points for integrated handling systems
  • Handling adjusted hoodenclosure



  • Several standard Handlingsystems available
  • Ideal design for cost efficient production grinding
  • Fully automatic matchgrinding
  • Several additional operations as post process gauging, cleaning and deburring are available


Technical Data:

  • Distance between centers approx. 200mm
  • Grindingwheel diameter 400 x 127mm
  • Grindingwheel width straight head max. 80mm, angle head max. 50mm
  • Wheelspeed standard 45m/s
  • Center height 110mm
  • Traveldistance X-axis max. 250mm
  • Traveldistance Z-axis max. 400mm


You may see here a   Video   of this product.