External Grinding

Posalux is a leader in industrialization of micro technologies for mass production.

Posalux grinding technology has been developed to provide industrial solutions for your individual needs.
The Grind Line GX20 is a compact machine designed for grinding high precision medium and small workpieces.


Technical Data

  • Distance between centers approx. 200mm
  • Grindingwheel diameter 400 x 127mm
  • Grindingwheel width straight head max. 80mm, angle head max. 50mm
  • Wheelspeed standard 45m/s
  • Center height 110mm
  • Traveldistance X-axis max. 250mm
  • Traveldistance Z-axis max. 400mm
  • Circularity: < 0.5μm
  • Straightness: < 1μm
  • Diameter: ± 1μm
  • Roughness Ra:0.1μm
  • Roughness Rz:0.8μm
  • Sphericity: < 3μm
  • Cylindricity: < 1µm


Basic principle

  • Between centers or flying OD grinding
  • Straight or anglehead machines (optional manual changeable version)
  • Conventional or super abrasive grindingwheel technologies
  • Rotary dresser (optional fixed dressing tool)
  • Top modern Gap / Crash with time signal display
  • Process measuring technology
  • Matchgrinding with automatic cylindricity correction available
  • Special applications on request


Features / applications


  • Ultra precise workhead MT5 with Interface to quick toolchanging system
  • Highvolume production capable, flexibel, pneumatic actuation with analog sensor control


  • Ultra precise tailstock MT3 including hydraulic pressure circulation lubrication
  • Manual or fully automatic precise cylinder correction


  • High precision spindle with constant peripheral wheel speed
  • Manual wheelbalancing Gap integrated
  • Manual or fully automatic wheelguard and coolant nozzle compensation

Dressing systems:

  • Ultra precise, rotary dressingsystem with 4 quadrants control
  • Optional static dressingsystem


  • Several high-tech workpiece drivingsystems available
  • Quick changed over capable


Quality and expertise

  • High-end measurement machine for geometric analysis such as circularity, concentricity, conicity, straightness, ...
  • High-end measurement machine for surface and shape analysis such as roughness, ondulation,shape, angle, ...


When you buy a Posalux product, you acquire a complete solution based on our expertise and know-how.